Benefits of Bali Huts in Brisbane!

There are a lot of factors that make a Bali hut or African hut a very special addition to your home and although we may be a little biased, there are definite factors that give these products an advantage over other gazebo and roofing materials.

So if you’re thinking of building a Bali Hut in Brisbane, Sunshine or Gold Coast, here’s why you should!

Natural Look

Both Bali huts and African huts are made from a natural material, and beautifully compliment Aussie yards. In a modern home design, they create a beautiful contrast and elevate the landscapes to have a resort aesthetic. In a bush or grassier setting, Bali huts blend naturally with gum trees and green grass, while still creating an anchor point for your yard. We’ve had plenty of experience in both of these settings and our clients are always impressed by how well a natural grass gazebo can tie their yard together. Not to mention, it really adds some “wow factor” for your family and guests to enjoy.

Insulating Properties

Bali huts are made with many layers of high-quality ylang-ylang grass. This means that during the hot Aussie summers, the grass insulates the area underneath. This means it’s much cooler than galvanized materials. Bali hut a great addition to cool off any outdoor area, weather you have a pool or not.

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Extended Lifetime

Both Bali and African huts are designed with durability in mind, there are a few factors taken into consideration when quoting your project. The grass density, roof pitch and the quality of the treatment are all crucial to ensure the longevity of your hut, however we do that work for you! Many clients see their huts lasting from 15-20 years! Even after this time, a rethatch is generally all that is needed to refresh the hut.

So there you have it!

Although there are many more, here are the key benefits of choosing a Bali Hut or African thatch hut for your home. So what are you waiting for?!